Well, the reunion was very nice… Tim did a “Master Griller” job of doing the ribs and brisket, the double-fudge dessert thing was delicious, the whole spread was just awesome.  James and his wife (although she claims to have not had much to do with any of it, but I spied her setting stuff up) really did a great job of getting the whole thing together.  As far as I know, everyone had a great time.  As far as myself, it was really nice seeing my old classmates, and seeing how everyone has changed, and how truly NICE everyone has turned out!  I can honestly say that it seems EVERYONE has turned into and/or continued to be genuinely good people, and I look forward to the next time I could get together with any of them again.

Rob’s little birthday bash was nice, also.  Nice to meet a couple more good guys there, and as always it was definitely good to see my buddy and his family again.

Ah well…. once again, it’s Sunday night, and the daily grind starts again tomorrow, so on that note….. Good night, all.  Until next time…