So, okay, I know… it’s been a several days since I posted anything…. but hey, busy, ya know?

So I’m going to my 25 yr class reunion this evening…..   2-5, twenty-five……… TWENTY FREAKING FIVE YEARS!  Damn where did they all go?

So I was talking to someone I work with about this coming up, and how long ago that seems, etc.  And through that segway, the conversation turned to how many things are so different now, from what they were when I was a kid.  Funny how kids today would react……

WHAT??? You mean you actually had to get up and go TO the tv to change the channel???  And you actually had to turn a knob ON the tv???

Another one:  How do I get this phone to work?  I don’t see any buttons… just a funny looking circle thing with a bunch of holes in it.

Speaking of phones and at that time…. growing up in a small town, we only had, at the time, one prefix for the whole town’s phone numbers, it was 632.  Not quite so unusual there, even by today’s standards for landlines, and in a really small town.  But here’s where it goes Hee-Haw on ya:  If you were calling someone who had that same prefix as you, you didn’t have to dial the whole “632”, you could just dial the “2”, and then the digits for that person’s phone number.  Reminds me now of on the HeeHaw show with the guy selling cars, and his phone number was BR-549…. Wow…

Ok, so there’s a little bit for now…….. gotta hitch up the wagon and head up north.  Also stoppin in on my buddy’s birthday party…..Great friend with a beautiful wife, and 3 awesome kids….  and a helluva good guy, who would do almost anything for almost anybody.  Dude’s how old again?  Anyway, happy birthday Rob!  I love ya man!