Ok, so I’ve decided to start writing a little.  First off, I’ll tell you a little about myself and my passions.  I’m sure you’ll get to hear about some of my pet peeves sometime, too.  But here we go….

I’m 42, birthday is August 29, 1967.  Born in Kansas City, Mo.  My family moved to Cameron, Mo. when I was very small, then to Gallatin, Mo. for a few years where I went to kindergarten and 1st grade.  Then moved back to Cameron in my 2nd grade year, and ended up graduating from there in 1985.  Entered the United States Army in August of the same year.  Spent a couple of years in Germany with the 2nd Armored Division (Fwd) based at Lucius D. Clay Kaserne in Garlstedt, Germany.  Transferred to Ft. Bragg, NC and spent a year there, where I met my first wife.  After that I was stationed at Ft. Lewis, Wa. for 2 years.

This next part is VERY IMPORTANT, just for a little insight into the heart of me…  I am really not racist.  Throughout my 42 years I have had GREAT friends of ALL races and ethnicity, so when you read some of my posts, please don’t be offended, it’s truly not intended in any kind of hurtful or demeaning way towards anyone.  Honestly.  I had a wonderful friend (who happened to be black) with whom I road tripped from El Paso, Tx. to my parents’ home in Cameron, Mo. where we spent a few days partying it up, then continued on to his parents’ home in a suburb of Atlanta, Ga., where we did some more of the same.  I spent a couple of days with him and his family there, going out with him and his boys, and I swear his mom made some of THE best fried chicken I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating!  Had a couple of GREAT Hispanic friends with whom we traded many jabs back and forth at each other, many of which included terms like “vato”, and “ese”.  I have also had great friends of Oriental descent, and some of Native American.  So PLEASE keep these things in mind when reading my posts!

I have been a KC Royals fan ever since I can remember.  Why, you ask?  Well, it’s a sentimental thing.  My dad (Rest in peace, Dad, I love you and miss you) was a Royals fan.  The Royals weren’t on tv much in the 70’s, sometimes the away games were, but for the most part it was radio.  My dad and I spent countless evenings on the front step with the transistor radio listening to Denny Matthews doing play-by-play of the games, playing catch, and talking.

In 1985, when the Royals won it all, I had no idea they were in the playoff race, much less the World Series, since I was in Basic Training.  So I’ve always kind of felt like I missed out that year.  Since then, obviously, I’ve been pining for a repeat, waiting, and waiting, …… and waiting………. and waiting some more, LOL!

Today I turned on the tv in the 4th inning with my boys in blue “trailing” 8-3.  Setting the scene here with a little recent history:  Carlos Quentin: 2 HR game last Monday against the Angels, 2 HR yesterday, and 1 already today.  So then it’s the bottom of the 6th, bases loaded with Victor Marte  on the hill.  First pitch:  Thigh high fastball, right down the middle of the dish….  To Mr. Quentin, it must have looked like one of his dear momma’s big ol’ beef ‘n cheeze chimichangas, ’cause he jumped all over that pitch like he hadn’t eaten in a month!  It landed in a plume of smoke and fire in the left field seats!

Now this is what confuses me:  Poor Victor Marte had the look on his face, of a boy who just saw his best dog dart out in front of a bus.  Clearly disappointed, with unbelievable surprise.  Now I ask you, why was he so surprised?  Ok, surely he didn’t intend to leave that pitch zinging up there fatter than a Thanksgiving turkey, especially with the bases jammed!  Surely he’d paid attention the previous day, when Carlos Quentin belted 2 dingers?  Surely he’d read the scouting report, where it most certainly says that Quentin loves eating fastballs for breakfast, and I’m sure mentions something about him having “bomb power”, and also smashing 2 in his previous game last Monday against the Halo’s????

And still….. I’m a Royals fan, and still True Blue, and yes, still waiting….

I think that’s it for today, my first post.  I hope I entertained you for a couple of minutes.